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What Weinberg Offers

“We minimize your concerns and maximize your investments. It’s a simple business philosophy that we take seriously – and we deliver results and expertise to work for you”.

Weinberg and Associates arranges funding from banks, savings institutions, insurance companies, pension funds, finance companies, Wall Street, SBA Loan Guarantee Program, and private investors. The majority of our loan placements are in the $250,000 – $5,000,000 range, although transaction size is not limited.

At Weinberg and Associates we have the capability and resources to arrange funding for a diverse clientele. Individually, each borrower has distinctive needs. Our clients represent a broad variety of business and property classifications. Included in these categories are multi-family developments, mobile home parks, warehouses, hospitality, office buildings, manufacturing, retail, health care, automotive, agricultural, transportation, energy production, service groups, and daycare facilities.

In addition to our role as brokering agents, Weinberg and Associates is also responsible for many underwriting and due diligence functions for our lenders and investors. Many institutions refer their clients to us complete management of a transaction. This level of confidence in our professional service ensures that the borrower bebefits from the most favorable terms, the most effective financial structure, and the most efficient processing time.

At Weinberg and Associates we offer: